A lot of women suffer from hair loss that can either be due to genetic causes or hormonal imbalances.

Doctors and medical companies have for years trying to find a cure or a way for the hair to grow back, with little results. Products have been developed that make somewhat of a difference but they always have negative side effects such as a very low sex drive or mood swings. Other solutions such as hair transplants and wigs are quite popular but often very expensive and not without problems.

The latest advance within this field is called Thiqr - a major breakthrough against hair loss. This product is made of natural fibers and has no synthetic dyes, fillers or preservatives.

When you apply Thiqr onto a thinning area of your hair, the product automatically clings to your hair like millions of tiny magnets. Each thin wisp of your hair instantly becomes thicker and fuller, eliminating those embarrassing thinning areas.

Below are some stories from Thiqr users:

Rating stars

”My JAW DROPPED when I saw the results. I literally took me 1 minute to apply and the results were truly amazing"

-Maryann 45, London

Rating stars

”I tried it all from Rogaine to hair transplants and nothing of it worked. I probably spent over €5000 trying to solve my bald spots. Thiqr really changed everything, in less than 1 minute all my bald spots were gone and it really really looks like real hair. My confidence is through the roof"

-Lisa 57, Boston

Rating stars

”WOW. I was very skeptical at first but decided to try it after seeing the videos with the amazing results. This really works! I highly recommend it."

-Joanne 61, Sydney


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