Frequently Asked Questions

I have problems ordering, is there a how-to order guide?
Yes there is. Please click here the to see a guide on how you can order Thiqr here on our website.

Does this really work?
Yes it really does. We have hundreds of happy customers who are using Thiqr and are more than satisfied!

Does this mean I get my real hair back?
No. Thiqr does not help to grow your hair back. It is a revolutionary hair thickening product that conceals thinning area and it works instantly.

Can others tell that I am using Thiqr?
No. Your hair will look completely natural, undetectable, even from close up, outdoor and under bright light.

Is it easy to use? Can I apply it myself or do I need help from someone else?
Its very easy to use and you do not need anyone else to help you. See our videos on how its applied. You will also receive instructions when you receive the product.

How long does one bottle of Thiqr last for?
We only sell our biggest bottles and they last for about 50 - 90 days. 

Is Thiqr available on Amazon?
Yes we are! Click here to visit our store on Amazon. 

What if I don't like the product and would like to return it?
We are so confident that you will love the product that we offer a MONEY BACK GUARANTEE if you are not happy with the results. Please email us at for more information.